Scuba Diving FAQ

Here are a list of questions that our customers ask about our popular SCUBA diving lessons. We have compiled a list of answers which may surprise you!

What does SCUBA mean?
SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. This unit and other diving equipment makes breathing underwater possible.

Take a look at our SCUBA diving equipment and gear page for details of the equipment we lend you for your diving lessons.

What is PADI?
PADI stands for Professional Association of Diving Instructors and is the world-wide leader in diver education and tuition. All of Essex Scuba Diving’s Essex based Instructors are fully qualified PADI Open Water SCUBA Instructors.

Who can Dive at Essex Scuba Diving?
Anyone from the age of 10 years and up and who is in reasonable health and in or around Essex. For your safety, you will complete a simple health questionnaire before your first dive, if any health concerns become apparent we will ask you to get checked out and given the ‘all clear’ by your doctor. You can find details of the forms on our PADI diving safety page.

Do I need to be a good swimmer?
No, SCUBA is not about swimming, so you do not need to be a great swimmer. But, you do need to be able to swim and you also need to be fairly confident in the water. If you are uncertain or under confident in your ability then just give us a call for an informal chat, you are probably worrying unnecessarily

Where can I SCUBA Dive?
Anywhere there is water! The PADI Open Water certification means you can dive anywhere in the world! Our confined and open water environments are suited to your learning curve and we strive to teach you to be a safe and responsible diver.

Do I need my own SCUBA equipment?
No. We will provide you with the necessary equipment to get you going during your course. If you do wish to purchase your own kit we are happy to chat about suitable starter-kit items and reputable brands from our suppliers in Essex.

What’s it like breathing Underwater?
Exhilarating and amazing and relaxing too. It’s a strange combination! As we enter the aquatic realm we see sights and sounds and experience sensations most people have not yet experienced. Light and sound act differently, while underwater creatures do not seem too surprised to see us in the Big Blue. We dive in a 3-D weightless environment surrounded by diverse life; it is truly a unique sensation!

What SCUBA Course should I Start?
Most people start with the very popular PADI Open Water course and then develop their diving by becoming PADI Adventure Diver. The PADI Adventure Diver allows the diver to focus on areas of interest, be it Wreck Diving, Underwater Photography, Conservation, Boat, or DPV (Diver Propelled Vehicle) and many more… please see our PADI specialty trips for more Details..

Is it expensive?
In relation to other sports no. SCUBA is certainly cheaper than Golf Lessons and last’s a lot longer than Bungee Jumping! We offer our courses at very competitive prices. We do not charge for “hidden extras”. If elsewhere a Course seems too cheap to be true it probably is. The price you pay with us includes everything you need, with no nasty surprises.

Is SCUBA diving safe?
We work hard to ensure our student safety at all times. As with any activity that involves some form of physical exertion, diving is not without risks, but we will ensure that these are as minimal as possible while you are with us. Our job at Essex Scuba Diving is to train you to dive safely to the best of our ability and to ensure you are as protected as much as possible from any risks.

What do I get once I have completed a Diving Course?
Depending on what course you are undergoing you will receive a PADI certification card and wall certificate. The certification card is recognized World-Wide as a sign of your diver training. It is essential that your card and log-book are presented to dive shops and schools prior to any dive activity.

What happens next?
Well, really it is up to you. Continue your diver education and tuition with us or continue your recreational diving with us. Either way, Essex Scuba Diving in Essex will be here to help and guide you for the rest of your diving career.

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